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It’s not an investment if it’s destroying the planet.

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For this reason, Oslo based MIRIS has launched a sustainable investment product that will be used exclusively to fund high impact projects across 4 key focuses...

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Sustainable Investment

MIRIS X is our custom built sustainable investment platform. It tracks how funds are used in sustainable projects by monitoring the whole supply chain. Not only does it monitor project finances and progress but also impact.

Each project has a carbon budget and all activities around the project are tracked against this benchmark. It’s a fully transparent view on where investor money is going and how it’s contributing to sustainable assets that grow in value.

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Featured Green Investments

Invest digitally into MIRIS Green Investments through MIRIS X

Invest on MIRIS X

Fully digital experience via interactive investment dashboard

Interest growth shown in real time
  • Structure: Green Bond (loan agreement)
  • Available: EUR 500,000,000
  • Term: 4 years
Invest through US CAP GLOBAL

High touch face-to-face interactions

Office in London and San Francisco
  • Structure: Asset backed Security
  • Available: EUR 100,000,000
  • Minimum entry: EUR 120,000
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  • Investment is only used for green projects, following a strict framework
  • Investment impact is tracked, we show you where your money was spent on a specific project
  • Bond is 3 years long and returns 7% per annum, monthly compounded
  • Interest accrues in real time. Gains can be seen every second
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A safe and secure organisation

Every investment has risk, but we protect your money through asset security and strict governance. We also have an objectively vetted framework that ensures that your money is only used for planet friendly projects.

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